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I stood in the closet awkwardly as Tusuna just stared at me with my shirt half unbotton and my pants lose. Gokudea stood in the background, red as ever, also staring.  The only thing I could do was scratch the back of my head, smile and wave and say "Haha, Hey Tausna. We didn't think you'd find out this soon."
Gokuder face palmed himself.
"Yama... Yamamoto. And... Goku...dera..." Those words seemed to be the only thing he could say.
We moved over to Gokudera's living room to explain everthing to our small little friend. Me and Gokudera sat on a couch and Tusna sat on a chair directly across from us. Gokudera took out a ciggrett, and began to light it. Tusna's face was a bright red as he stared at us.
"Ah... So when did this all... S-start?" Tasuna asked.
"We started going out about a week ago. I confessed to him when we were getting our injuries cheaked out from the ring battle." I said honestly. Almost proud.
"Ah!? That long?!" Tasuna's face got even reder. Gokudera put out his ciggrete and got on his knees and he bowed.
"I'm sorry tenth! I have failed as your right hand man! I didn't not tell you what was going on between me and the baseball idiot over there, and I am truely truely sorry! If there is anyway I could make this up to you, just say the word!" He begged for forgiveness. I smiled to myself, as I stared at his cute little butt. I hope Tasuna wont be mad, that would suck. But hey, I really love Gokudera and he can't understand it then oh well.
"Ah! Gokudera, its fine. I mean, I was a little shocked, and all, but... If it makes you guys happy then I geuss thats all I really care about."
"Tenth you are amazing! So kind hearted." Gokudera prasied Tasuna. It made me feel a little weird how he complimented Tasuna, calling him the thenth. The onlly name I get is baseball Idiot. I fold my arms across my chest, trying to stop the bad thoughts.
"Ah... Well I geuss I gota go." Tasuna said.
"Alright tenth I will see you out. Please be safe. And again I am sorry."
There he gose again. When ever I leave he say 'Alright, whatever don't slam the door to hard.' I was staring to feel mad. As Tasuna left, Gokudera turned around to Look at me very mad.
"You idiot! Do yo-" Gokudera started.
"Why? Why do you treat me so diffrently?" I said calmly.
"What? I don't treat you diffrently. What are you stupid?"
"See! Thats what I mean! You only call me stupid. Besides Lambo. But thats not the point."
"The tenth saved my life. Of coarse I would respect him and admier his superioty."
"But don't you love me? Why do I get a name like, Idiot? Or baseball nut?"
"I... I don't know. I always thought you didn't mind it."
"Well, its just compared to Tausna, you treat me like crap. If we were in like a a action packed Manga serious, I'm sure most of the fan girls will suspect that you love Tasuna, not me."
"I can't explain it. I'm just used to calling you that. Like you wouldn't be my Yamamoto if I didn't."
He just called me his Yamamoto. The rose my heart and made me smile. I hugged him and rested my head on his shoulder.
"I'm sorry." He whispered in my ear.
"Its alright, your my Gokudera." Saying that to him made me smile even more. I kissed his ear, then his nose, then his forehead, but he kissed my lips. I put my hand in the middle of his back and pushed him closer. You heard a "Chu" sound when we pulled away. He sat down on the arm oh his couch, and pulled me into him by my school tie. I smiled and softly kissed him, my tounge making its way into his. He put his hand on the back of my head and repeadiatly kissed me, still holding on to my tie. I lightly placed my knee between each of his thighs and he softly feel back onto the couch.
I placed a hand obove each of his shoulders and my tounge played with his lips, untill it was swallowed by his two soft lips. He wrapped his arms around my neack, pushing up as close as he could get to mine. His tounge ran across all of my teeth, and I sucked on his lip. Almost as if it was a daily thing, I forgot to breath, and took a quick gasp of air before returning to the place were I felt I belonged. I slid my hands up Gokudera's shirt, feeling his abs. He let one of his arms free from the grasp of my neack and slid it down my back to my butt. We stopped kissing remembering our need for oxygen, and we breathed heavily. Which I always thought was kind of a turn on.
"I love you." I said resting my head on his forehead.
"I love you to you big idi-... I mean I love you to, Yamamoto."
"Its alright, call me an idiot, it just doesn't sound right if you dont." I smiled at him.
"Oi! Then what was the point in making me feel bad?"
"Oh shush, I love you and thats all that really matters"
Ahh part 3... May be the final... I da'no... I'll see how I feel..
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can0no0find0username Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010
Agh damnit...
You made so many spelling typos in this part that I couldn't finish reading it.
Moreover you didn't seem to ever write the name "Tsuna" correctly. :P
kattak0113 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010
ah sorry about that >.> I tend to spell the ssame word diffrently and I'm sorry v.v
can0no0find0username Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2010
Well,if you correct it maybe I'll be able to read it~ :P
Nightrose91 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
hnmm..well if you ask me, you should write another one...
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