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"Oi! Idiot, are you listening to me?" Gokudera snapped at me, as I daydremt while staring at him. Again.
"Oh yeah sorry. What were you talking about?" I said. Continuing to stare into his eyes happily smiling.
"I was saying, the tenth is staring to suspect our relationship. Listen next time, I hate to repeat myself." He hit me with a rolled up pack of paper in my head. I didn't mind that he was so rude to me. It showed that he cared. "Now, it hurts to hide stuff from the tenth but if its for yo-..." He stopped in mid sentence, as if he was awhere that he was about to say something nice to me. He didn't countinue. Thats alright, I knew he thought it. Which made my smile even bigger.
"Now... Pay attention... If you just use this formula for this problem," He leaned across the mini coffe table that I had in my room, so he could write on my paper. I took in his sent, and couffed his face in one of my hands and kissed him. I seperated my lips so my tounge could make its way into his mouth. But he bite down hard on my tounge witch led me to retreat.
"Idiot! Hurry up and finish your work." He yelled at me. I smiled at him and replied "Did Gokudera not like the kiss."
"Er," redness slowly came to his cheaks "Don't ask me a question like that! Solve problems 1 through 5, or do you not want my help?"
"Okay, okay what ever make Gokuder stay longer is fine by me." I laughed. I finshed in 5 minuets, and Gokudera was shocked.
"Gime that!" He snatched the paper from me to check my answers. I was acctually very smart. I liked to play dumb to get closer to Gokudera. I folded my arms under my chin and rested them on the table. "So? Did I get it right?"
"Er yeah. Of coarse you would get it right! I'm tutoring you after all." He slamed the paper back infront of me.
"So i got them all right? Do I get a reward Mr.Hayato?" I said sarcasticly, leaning over the table so my face was inches apart from his. I saw him blush a little more. Surpriseingly, he was the one to go in for the kiss this time. My heart floated around my chest a little as he rested a arm on my shoulder as our tounges fought each other. I climber over the table, our lips not seperating, and knocked down Gokudera's tea. We didn't stop. I climbed on his lap, and started to unbouton his shirt, reviling his muscular body. I run my fingers through out his body, and kissed his neack.
"Idiot, stop. You have work to do." He protested, slightly moaning.
"I'll take care of it later. If you really wanted me to get off of, you would of punched me already." I took off his shirt completly and licked his lips. He grabbed me by my hair and forced me into a kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neack and forced my body closer to his. Our lips still not retracting. I slightly sucked on his top lip, and he sucked on my botom lip. My tounge traced his back molers, as he undid my tie. He tasted like the sushi he just ate from my Dad's shop. I forgot. I needed air. I think he relised it to. We pulled away from each other, gasping for air, but our faces still close.
"I love you." Gokudera said. My heart stopped. And my body froze. He said it... He said it. Gokudera really... Said it. I never imagined, ever, that he would say it first. I wanted to say it back, but I was to in shock.
"Are you okay. Your heart is beating really fast." He put his hand on my chest then looked up at me, worried. 'Hurry up and say it! Say it!' was yelling in my head. His face turned a bright red.
"Fuck man..." He laid back on the floor, me still sitting on top of him, and he put his hand over his eyes.. "I need a ciggrett." he complained. I opened my mouth to say it, but all that came out was air. I tried it again. "I, love you to." The words came out scrtchy, and it was low. He sat back up and punched me in the left cheak, sending me into the side of my bed. "Why did you hesitate? I feel like an idiot now! I feel like I'm making you say it." He stood over me clentching his fist. He took out his ciggrete and lighter, and lit a ciggrette. I felt so bad. Why didn't I say it fast enough? Why? I throught myself at his leg, and clentched on tight.
"I'm sorry Dera! I'm really really sorry. I love you! I really really do! I was just surprised!" I yelled and begged for forgiveness.
"Oi! Idiot! Get off of me!" I held on tight as he tried to shake me of.
"I'm sorry!!" I wailed.
"I forgive you! Just let go." He scretched. I let go, and looked up at him with the expression I knew he couldn't resist.
"I love you, I really do. I was just surprised that you were the one who said it first." I appolagized. He sqwat down looking me in the eye, sucking the tabacco out of his ciggrette and blowing it in the oppisite direction still making eyes contact. He grabbed onto the front of my hair and pulled me towards him. I could feel him breathing on my nose.
"You better fucking love me." He hissed. I smiled I pressed my lips lighty to his
uh-oh yamamoto paussed telling gokudera that he loved him. what will happen next? *Dramatic pause* :O
haha comment :D
part 2: [link]
light636 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2010
*insert fangirl squeal here*
that was really cute!!~ :heart:
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